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LITHIUM 4% Purity NASARAWA TON 750000 | LITHIUM 5% Purity NASARAWA TON 900000 | LITHIUM 6% Purity NASARAWA TON 1500000 | LITHIUM 7% Purity NASARAWA TON 1800000 | LEAD ORE 40% Purity PLATEAU TON 520000 | LEAD ORE 50% Purity PLATEAU TON 600000 | LEAD ORE 60% Purity PLATEAU TON 650000 | FLORITE 70% Purity NASARAWA TON 70000 | ZINC 30% Purity NASARAWA TON 300000 | ZINC 40% Purity NASARAWA TON 400000 | IRON ORE NASARAWA TON 70000 | ILMENITE ORE NASARAWA TON 70000 | Kunzite 5-6% Purity NASARAWA TON 1900000 | EKO GOLD COIN LCFE GRAM 46500

Welcome to Revelle Mineral Resources

A premier lithium minerals mining and trading company based in the beautiful region of Ekiti State, Nigeria. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and sustainability, we are at the forefront of the lithium mining industry, driving innovation, and delivering high-quality minerals to meet the growing global demand.

At Revelle Mineral Resources, we recognize the significant role of lithium minerals in the contemporary world. Being a crucial component in renewable energy storage and electric vehicle technology, lithium plays a pivotal part in building a cleaner and more sustainable future. We take immense pride in our involvement in this transformative industry, actively contributing to the progress of green technologies and leading the way towards a more environmentally-friendly tomorrow.


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Dig Deeper

Revelle is geared up to dig deeper, unearthing new possibilities and reaching greater heights in the mining world.

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Mining Industry

Revelle stands as the unrivaled leader in the mining industry, pioneering excellence and innovation at every step.

Expert Team

Together, we embrace challenges as opportunities, harnessing our collective strengths to inspire meaningful change and shape a brighter future for our clients and communities alike.

Expert & Profesional

Delivering exceptional Minerals with precision and finesse.

High Quality Work

Delivering 100% Impurities FREE Mineral Ores, to every Customer in the market place, through a guaranteed Quality Control Process, that significantly increases the ESSENTIAL MINERALS, EXTRACTION YIELD, from the ores supplied by us, during smelting.

24x7 Support

Ensuring seamless support for efficient and safe mining operations.

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Minerals & Gemstones

Committed to Sustainability & Innovation

At Revelle Mineral Resources, sustainability is our core focus. We prioritize responsible mining practices, environmental assessments, and safety measures to protect Ekiti State’s natural resources and support local communities. Our tailored solutions cater to diverse clients, including battery manufacturers, renewable energy companies, and electric vehicle manufacturers, ensuring a reliable supply of top-quality lithium minerals. Our commitment to excellence drives continuous research and development for innovative mining processes, solidifying our position as a trusted leader in the global lithium minerals market.

Empowering Local Communities

Revelle Mineral Resources recently entered into Minerals Procurement & Community Development Agreements with local miners with full mining rights/leases for several cadastral Lepidolite deposits in Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Global Reach

The Company's trade target markets will be the major markets across Asia, Europe, and America such as India China, Germany, and The United States of America, etc.